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Artist Throws Party at Rowena Construction Site in Silver Lake

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LADWP's construction on Rowena Avenue in Silver Lake has been making everyone crazy--Ivanhoe Elementary parents are in revolt and neighbors are complaining about dust, noise, and not being able to drive down Rowena for God's sake (the work is part of the River Supply Conduit Improvement Project, part of the efforts to replace the Silver Lake Reservoir). But artist Bettina Hubby (who, incidentally, is the woman behind Eagle Rock's Rock and Eagle Shop pop-up) was like "Why bitch? Let's party!" She'd been photographing the project for a couple years and this past weekend held a little gallery party at the construction site, for both neighbors and workers, reports LA Weekly.

Hubby hung up her photographs on the chain link construction fences, brought out heat lamps and tables ("some of which had photographs of the construction site printed on their tiled tops"), had cakes with photos of the site (plus pizza, tacos, wine, etc.), and strung a disco ball from a bulldozer's arm. She passed out fliers down Rowena and it sounds like neighbors showed up, as did "contractors and city reps." Terrini Photo has a big gallery of photos from the event.
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