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SaMo's Kermit-Colored Bike Lane Opens on Ocean Park

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Santa Monica just got its first colored bike lane, the LA Times reports, and it looks determined not to meet the same fate as DTLA's infamous Spring Street bike lane--the Downtown bike lane was painted a more muted green, but the paint began peeling off, leading to a trashy look. SaMo's lane, opened on Thursday, has a neon green color that'll be hard to miss from space and appears more resistant to wear and tear. The lane is part of the larger Complete Green Streets project, which encompasses Ocean Park for a bit more than half a mile, from Lincoln Boulevard to Neilson Way, near the beach. The $4 million project also added nearly 50 pedestrian light poles and more than 75 new trees to the street; fresh crosswalks and bike racks are also in the works.
· Santa Monica street goes green with bike-friendliness [LA Times]