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Never Forget Huell Howser, Grand Avenue Moves Forward

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[Dodger stadium is getting some upgrades. Image via Shrimpchip88/Curbed LA flickr pool]

This Week's Top Stories: We started the week with sad news as the passing of ubiquitous public television personality Huell Howser left most of us feeling like we'd lost the best uncle ever. Goodbye Huell! The most important couple of our time -- Kim and Kanye -- have acquired and are currently renovating a 14,000 sq. ft mansion in Bel Air Crest. The empty neighborhood (just streets and weedy lots) next to LAX may be torn up to provide beautiful prairie vegetation that you can admire from afar. Pop the champagne like its 2008 all over again and we just found out about the Grand Avenue project -- the developers are finally breaking ground on a residential tower. Baby steps, people. Curbed joins other publications in shining the light on more ugliness in the CEQA money game, specifically where is the money developers pay to these homeowners associations going? It's manifest cycle-destiny! The CicLavia map is expanding to connect east and west and for the first time bike riders will be able to see the brown sandy beaches of the frigid Pacific Ocean at the end of their ride.