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Actual Chinese Firm Slapping Its Name On Grauman's Chinese

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Grauman's Chinese Theatre will henceforth be known as TCL Chinese Theatre. Learn it, get used to it. As the LA Times says, "After 85 years, the world's most famous movie theater will finally be living up to its name"--TCL is a Chinese television maker, and it just paid "more than $5 million" for the rights to slap its name on the 1927 Chinese. The theater sold to some local folks in 2011 and they've been working on a little makeover; this 10-year deal naming deal will help fund renovations, as well as a "national and international campaign to promote Hollywood" and the theater. Renovations will include "new extra-wide screen, stadium seating, superior sound and projection systems, and a new box-office marquee on Hollywood Boulevard." TCL's screens and signs will also be incorporated into the theater. Big name changes on the Boulevard in the past year: The Kodak, home of the Oscars, was renamed to the Dolby last May.
· China firm buys naming rights to Grauman's Chinese Theatre [LAT]

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

6925 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028