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Lickety-Split Flip in the Hills Asking Double Its Last Sale Price

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And the flips just keep on comin'. According to Redfin, this mid-century bungalow near the Hollywood Reservoir changed hands just a few weeks ago for $500,000. Perusing the photos from its previous listing, it's hard to discern any significant differences beyond the three-bedroom, two-bath house being much tidier now and staged with trendy furniture and decor. The new listing copy boasts of a remodel "by Vance Lorenzini Designs" with the "finest quality finishes and floors"; however, plenty of the old stuff (artwork, bed, cabinets, vessel sinks, even towels) appears to have stuck around. But hey, at least there's no longer a gentlemen standing in the kitchen! The optimistic new asking price for the property, which also features a separate, and admittedly pretty cute, artist's studio, is $950,000.
· 6406 FLAGMOOR PL [Redfin]