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Louis Vuitton Bathroom in San Pedro, Old Hotel Bel Air Workers Will Plead With Sultan of Brunei

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SAN PEDRO: Here's a perfectly normal, family-friendly-looking condo in San Pedro and then BAM LOUIS VUITTON BATHROOM. What's especially crazy is that the listing emphasizes the "remodeled bathrooms." So someone went through the trouble of updating the bathrooms and then they put this paint job in. Okee doke. [Estately]

BEL AIR: All the workers who were laid off when the Hotel Bel Air shut down for renovations in 2009 are going to take it up with the Sultan of Brunei, who owns the hotel. He's "reportedly staying" there, according to a press release, and the workers "will deliver a letter to [him], asking that he use his authority as owner to return them to their old jobs." [Curbed Inbox]

Hotel Bel Air

701 Stone Canyon Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90077