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Councilmember Wants to Knock 2 Weeks Off Public Notice For Downtown NFL Stadium Approval

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Just how fast does Los Angeles need an NFL stadium Downtown? Never fast enough, apparently! The state legislature has already passed a law speeding up any legal challenges to the Farmers Field plan (it's currently being challenged in court) and now City Councilmember Jan Perry wants to hurry city approvals along--this week she "submitted a resolution to reduce the public hearing notice period for the stadium's development agreement to just 10 days," reports the LA Daily News. Usually the city allows 24 days for the public to digest a major development agreement. Perry's resolution says that developer "AEG needs the stadium quickly approved, and if the council fails to vote by a set deadline, the project could be delayed by a year." Farmers Field can't happen without an NFL team (or two) and the league has said it won't decide on that matter until at least March 2013. The LADN hears the Council wants to vote on the matter on September 28.

The Farmers Field development agreement was released to city staff yesterday; it "calls for AEG to pay for millions in improvements to the area around the stadium, including $10 million to add another platform at the Metro Blue Line and Expo Line station at Pico Boulevard, and $2.4 million to fund a study to add a northbound lane to the US-101 Hollywood Freeway near downtown." The planning department is recommending approval and the creation of a new Sign District that would allow the stadium to have a bunch of billboards.

Perry and AEG both say that the stadium development process has been very transparent and that there's been plenty of public input already.
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