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Bowling Alley Not Helping to Sell Tricked Out 2006 Pas House

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At least this listing for a 2006 house in Pasadena knows its audience: "this contemporary estate is perfect for the professional ahtlete, celebrity, chef, entrepreneur or global executive!" The house has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, plus a two-bedroom, two-bathroom cabana. You'll also get a dining room, professional kitchen, a family room with kitchenette, a library, "an executive office suite w/separate entry," a billiards room, an 11-person theater, a gym with massage studio, a small salon, a saltwater pool, and a bowling alley. The house has yet to find the right athletic celebrity cheftrepreneur, though--it was first listed in March asking $8 million and has been chopped today to $6.4 million.
· 570 Allendale Road Pasadena, CA [Estately]