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At Least 2 Bedbugs Found at Downtown LA's Central Library

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It pains us to say anything untoward about LA's lovely Central Library, but ... at least two bedbugs have been found at the Downtown building. A press rep for the library confirms there was a sighting last month and meanwhile a tipster writes in to tell us she found a bedbug in her Central Library book on Monday (after it'd been sitting in her house for a couple days). Her partner killed the bug and she brought it and the book back to the library yesterday (in plastic bags). She writes: "I started with the checkout clerk. I told her I had found a bedbug in the book, and she shrugged and said, 'So?' I then asked to speak to her manager. The manager sighed and looked squeamish. She told me they have had multiple reports for weeks. 'We've been spraying when we get reports,' she said, 'but we didn't know they'd gotten to the Literature section yet.' She told me she would work to educate the front desk staff." ("We didn't know they'd gotten to the Literature section yet" sounds straight out of a horror movie trailer, doesn't it?)

Peter Persic, director of public relations for the LAPL, tells us that only one bedbug has been found at the Central Library, several weeks ago. He says that a bug was found at the reference desk on August 9 and that pest control confirmed it was a bedbug, cleared out the department, and sprayed. He adds that pest control inspects the building on a regular basis. When we told him about our tipster's story, he reiterated that only the one bedbug had been found at the library.

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