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Touring LAX's New Bradley West, Getting Its First Arrival Today

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Images via Los Angeles World Airports

The new Bradley West international concourse at LAX starts a very gradual opening today, with the planned arrival of its first jumbo A380 (a Qantas flight) at Gate 134. According to a newsletter from Los Angeles World Airports, which operates LAX, "the first few operations will be arrivals only, no departure operations will occur until all stakeholders are comfortable with both the arrivals and departures process. Over the first few weeks of utilization we will slowly build up operations at the gate, to include both arrivals and departures, until all parties agree Gate 134 is ready for full utilization." LAWA has built a new connector building (pdf) to funnel passengers in and out from the existing North Concourse. Bradley West was designed by Curtis Fentress; LAWA shared a bunch of new photos (pdf) showing what pretty much looks like a finished terminal (compare with our tour in November 2011). It'll continue to open in phases.
· Development Program Update September 5, 2012 (pdf) [LAWA]
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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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