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Neutra VDL Installation on Film, Pot Shop Ban Ballot Rules

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Xavier Veilhan Architectones Neutra VDL Research House from Commonwealth Projects on Vimeo.

SILVER LAKE: The always-inventive peeps at Commonwealth Projects have put together this charming video about French artist Xavier Veilhan and his installation Architectones at the Neutra VDL Research House. According to a release, they also "created original artwork with the artist and secured a place for the work on digital billboards across Los Angeles" (perhaps you've seen it?) and they'll be working with Veilhan until the project ends on September 16. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: The LA City Clerk has given notice that the marijuana dispensary supporters have collected enough signatures to get a referendum on the ballot, but the signatures still need to be spot-checked (via random sampling)--that process should last through September 20. According to a release, "If the statistical sampling shows that the number of valid signatures is more than 110% of the number needed to declare the petition sufficient, the City Clerk shall certify the petition as sufficient." If the measure makes it, the Clerk will tell the City Council it can either repeal the ban on marijuana dispensaries, call a special election, or put the issue on the ballot for the next regular election, which will be held on March 5, 2013. [Curbed Inbox]

Neutra VDL Research House

2300 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA