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LAPD Will Start Shutting Down Pot Dispensaries Tomorrow

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So the LA City Council banned marijuana dispensaries and the ban is supposed to go into effect tomorrow, but opponents collected tens of thousands of signatures to get the issue put on next March's ballot, which halts the ban until voters make a decision (or at least until the signatures are verified). However, City Councilmember Jose Huizar, who wrote the ban, tells the Eagle Rock Patch to eff that noise, the LAPD is going to be cracking down on some dispensaries tomorrow: "When the 6th comes around, I don't think people should expect a whole, big prohibitionist-style era. We go out there and close down dispensaries. ... the intention of the LAPD and our administrative arm of our city, from what I understand, is to continue with some enforcement actions. And they will do it under state law or our 'sunset clause' from our previous ordinance [under which medical marijuana dispensaries are not recognized as legitimate business entities]."

Meanwhile, the dispensary ban is supposedly "gentle" because it allows patients to grow their own pot or to get it from their primary care physicians (good luck with that!), but Huizar admits "If I, God forbid, become ill tomorrow and rely on marijuana, I wouldn't know where to start to grow it. So, it is very difficult—but it is what the state law provides in order for us to give access [to marijuana]." He says that the ban in LA is just a stop-gap until the state supreme court decides on some pending marijuana cases and meanwhile suggests marijuana advocates ask the state legislature to write a clearer medical marijuana law with fewer loopholes.
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