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Seeking Part-Time Associate Editor to Join Curbed LA

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Do you love Los Angeles? Do you love Curbed? When we say EIR, CEQA, AEG, CIM, PLUM, and the CPC, do you know what the hell we're talking about? And can you write? Then we need you! Curbed LA is hiring a part-time associate editor who understands and adores LA's shenanigans-filled planning and development world (you don't have to be an expert, just an enthusiast). If you're also interested in real estate, neighborhood news, architecture, and/or other land use fun, then you are probably prime, Grade A, Curbed LA material. The associate editor will be responsible for several posts every weekday; the position is ideal for a freelancer with a flexible schedule and it's a freelance gig with commensurate pay. If you're interested, hit us up at with a paragraph about you and a paragraph about your interest in the job (please put "Curbed LA associate editor" in the subject line). If we like what we see, we'll be in touch.