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Third and Fairfax Alley Mural Now Has Zero Offensive Genitals

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The new mural behind The Proper Barbershop on Third Street no longer "depict[s] male and female sex organs," thanks to a little neighbor outrage. The Park La Brea News reported last week that the mural by local street artist Annie Preece was painted on the parking lot shed last Tuesday "as a gift" to the shop's owners, and that "the symbols are supposed to represent the different people who work at the barbershop." Those symbols included (giggle!) genitals. (Quick roundup: one resident called the mural "incredibly profane," City Councilmember Paul Koretz called it "unnecessarily obscene.") So Koretz's office reported the piece to the Department of Building and Safety and talked to the shop's owners--the city has some say over what's painted on public property, so long as it can be viewed from a public space. We stopped by to take these photos this afternoon and were told that the mural has now been de-obscened; a carrot stood in for a penis in one place.
· City ponders next move with controversial mural [Park La Brea News]