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Producer Brian Grazer's Malibu Colony House With Indoor Pool

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Producer Brian Grazer has worked on some fine entertainments (Arrested Development, Apollo 13), but we wouldn't call his house in the Malibu Colony a blockbuster or ratings winner or whatever the media metaphor may be. Still: indoor pool, always a winner. The five-bedroom, eight-bathroom house was built in 1995 and comes with a big patio, a two-floor master suite, an elevator, an eat-in kitchen facing the water, and a beach bathroom. Plus, "On the beach patio is a gymnasium studio," according to the listing, which sounds like it could very well be a one percenter dog whistle. The house first hit the market last May asking $19.5 million; after some delists, relists, and a sale pending, it's back on the market asking $18.95 million.
· 23660 Malibu Colony Road, Malibu, CA [Westside Estate Agency]