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Carmageddon II Status Report: 7 Arrests

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A Carmageddon crasher via Instagram user sportsstylist.

Despite the warnings that the po-po would be slapping trespassers with the heavy hand of the law, seven people looking to enjoy the empty 405 freeway have been arrested. Via nbc4: "A bride and groom were among seven people arrested Sunday morning for trying to sneak on to the closed portion of I-405... The couple told CHP officers "that they thought it would be fun to inaugurate their wedding" by walking on the freeway, LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman said." In addition to the honeymooners, a group of would be rollerbladers were also nabbed. According to officials, the 405 appears to be on schedule for reopening tomorrow morning.
· No Freeway Party for Carmageddon Bride and Groom [nbc4]