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2-Bed For Sale in Schindler's El Pueblo Ribera Court in La Jolla

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The great Rudolph Schindler designed La Jolla's El Pueblo Ribera Court in 1923--it originally included 12 units (now just six) "arranged for excellent views of the Pacific Ocean with large garden courts," according to Triangle Modernist Houses. It's apparently also one of only two beach projects by Schindler, according to this listing for a unit in the court (we assume the other is the Lovell Beach House). The two-bedroom, two-bathroom "has been sensitively restored and enhanced" (eh) and includes a courtyard and a 1,500 square foot deck with spa and showers. It's also a San Diego historic landmark and eligible for Mills Act restoration tax breaks. Asking price is $2.2 million.
· Gravilla St | La Jolla [The Agency]