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Carmageddon II Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Here it is: Carmageddon II, the second annual full 405 shutdown, starts any minute now. Brace. Or don't. Who knows? Maybe it'll be totally fine like last year. Or maybe it won't be. Either way, here's everything you need to know about where to avoid, what to do, and how to get around. Stay local out there!

Seriously, again? What is the deal?
Last year, Carmageddon shut down 10 miles of the 405 Freeway (between the 10 and the 101) to demolish half of the freeway-spanning Mulholland Bridge. Now they have to demolish the other half. The whole thing is part of the 405 widening project, which will add a glorious, glorious carpool lane (just kidding, it's probably not at all worth it).

Yeah, but it was no big deal last year. It was Carmaheaven! I'm just gonna chance it out there on the roads.
Hey, and maybe hundreds of thousands of other people will have the same thought. Good luck with that.

Ok, fine, when do I have to get off the 405?
Ramps along the closure start shutting down at 7 pm tonight (Friday). Lanes start closing at 10 pm. It'll be a full shutdown as of 12:01 am.

And when can I get back on?
5 am Monday morning. All the ramps and connectors should be open by 6 am.

Anything else I have to worry about during this major freeway shutdown?
Yes! Venice Boulevard will also be shut down with no crossings on Sunday morning for the triathlon.

Forget it, I'm taking the Metrolink for a scenic day in Chatsworth.
Ok. Metrolink is adding extra round-trip trains on the Ventura County line between Downtown and Chatsworth.

Uh oh, I have to go to the airport.
That's unfortunate, but the FlyAway will be running with extra buses from Union Station, Van Nuys, and Westwood. The Van Nuys will have to take detours, according to The Source.

Damn, I was really hoping to get some culture in this weekend.
Good news--more than 200 artists and arts organizations are participating in ARTmageddon, a lose collection of neighborhood arts events.

No, actually I'd like to spend my money. Can I do that?
Oh yes. All kinds of businesses are offering discounts and deals--Metro has a big map so you can keep it local.

I'm a biker and would like to do bike things this weekend.
Wolfpack Hustle (the cyclists who beat the Jet Blue airplane from Burbank to Long Beach last year) and Midnight Ridazz are throwing a Carmaheaven All City Bike Ride starting at 1 pm Saturday at Grand Park. They'll ride out to the 405 shutdown and then to Dockweiler Beach. There are also bike rides on the Westside and in the Valley. More info here.

This thing's gonna end early again, right?
No, probably not.

I hate that bridge. I would like to watch it destroyed live on video.
Here you are.

Can I stage some stunt on the closed 405 and get every major news organization in Los Angeles to cover it breathlessly?
Officially: no. Unofficially: For heaven's sake, yes, but send your photos to us first. Planking's so last year--this year, we suggest Eastwooding.
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