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The Downtown NFL Stadium Has Been Approved

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In a SHOCKING TURN OF EVENTS, the LA City Council has given final approval to the Farmers Field Downtown NFL stadium project (haha, just kidding, they've been deep-throating this thing from the start). The plan, developed by LA Live owners AEG, includes a football stadium and a reconfiguration of the LA Convention Center; construction on the stadium will be contingent on getting an NFL team in LA (the NFL will probably make that decision in March 2013 and LA could get two teams). AEG is financing the project, but the city will help out by issuing a complicated series of bonds. In addition to the regular (unanimous, of course) vote, the City Council apparently also found it necessary to approve "a resolution 'enthusiastically' endorsing Farmers Field and inviting the NFL to visit downtown Los Angeles," reports KPCC. (The mayor still has to sign off, by the way, but he's shown nothing but support on this.) Last year, the state legislature passed a law speeding up all legal challenges to the Farmers; that law is currently being challenged in court. Meanwhile, in yet another fun twist, AEG is up for sale--the most high-profile bidder, entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong, was at the Council meeting today, reports the Daily News. He's said to really believe in this whole football thing.
· Farmers Field stadium unanimously approved by LA City Council [SCPR]

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