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See Pasadena's Case Study House #10 Start Its Big Restoration

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Case Study House #10, the only house built in Pasadena for the hugely influential modern Case Study House program, sold just two months ago (for its listing price of $1.599 million) and work started last week on a big restoration. The 1947 house was originally designed by the father-son team of Kemper Nomland and Kemper Nomland Jr. and has gotten some unfortunate updates over the years; the Design Vidal team now intends to make the whole property more consistently mid-century and lovely. They'll be updating us throughout the process. Here's what principal Guy Vidal tells us they'll doing:

-- Bringing the eighties bathrooms "either 30 years backward or 30 years forward."
-- Opening up the kitchen into the family room (which was added in the sixties) to create "a much bigger kitchen than the architect originally called for" but at the expense of the addition rather than the original kitchen.
-- Restoring the cement floors and aluminum windows.
-- Stripping the paint and restoring the original stain on the tongue-and-groove ceiling.
-- Integrating the seventies-era pool and guesthouse; "EG: the coping and deck around the pool will be poured cement similar to the one inside the house."
-- Taking out "the 2 HUGE and ugly AC package units from the roof" and restoring the roof profile.

Check out the house's current look here.
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