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Santa Monica Conservancy Restoring 1890s Shotgun House

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The nonprofit Santa Monica Conservancy is looking to raise $1.6 million to set up their new Preservation Resource Center in a rehabilitated shotgun house, reports the Santa Monica Daily Press. City Hall owns the 1890s house and agreed to rent it to the Conservancy, which is renovating it and relocating it to city-owned property across from the Ocean Park Library at Second and Norman (it was originally on Second Street, but now sits in a hanger in Santa Monica Airport, says the Patch). The Conservancy is also working to hire full-time staff and set up a curriculum in SaMo's public schools that teaches third-graders about architecture. "The curriculum gives students an understanding of how the story of a community and its residents is reflected in the changing materials, styles, and uses of its buildings," reports the SMDP. The interactive course allows kids to build models of actual Santa Monica homes. Sounds better than Oregon Trail.
· Conservancy wants to raise $1.6M [SMDP]