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Finally: 5 Doomiest Official Statements About Carmageddon II

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Carmageddon II hits this weekend and 10 miles of the 405 (from the 101 to the 10) will be shut down. Last year's big closure was prefaced with the biggest pre-freakout since Y2K and it led to one of the nicest, least-trafficky weekends ever. This year's Carmageddon lead-up has been much kinder and friendlier, with officials going all "Hey, why not think about staying local, guys?" But now as Carmageddon II draws near, and no one is freaking out pretty much at all, officials are dialing it up a few notches. Finally! Here are the most alarming warnings:

"Officials": "Officials say that those who do get on the freeway should have plenty of water, vital medications and a working radio in case they hit a bad traffic jam. A full tank of gasoline would be a good idea too."

County Supe Zev Yaroslavsky: "If we have the public's cooperation again, this weekend should be a repeat of last summer. However, if motorists are complacent and revert to normal car usage, we could easily have the traffic nightmare we have all been trying to avoid."

Caltrans District 7 Director Mike Miles, as summarized by the LA Times: "that two-thirds of those drivers who normally use that stretch of the 405 Freeway need to stay off the road for the weekend to be a success. A worst-case scenario, Miles said, would have traffic backed up to Kern County in the Central Valley."

Metro's KN Murthy: "All it takes is one incident... The elasticity in the existing freeway system is very minimal; it can only take so much additional traffic."

Metro's Dave Sotero: "If you are making a discretionary trip, please do not. Go back in the house."

Oh, and as always, do not attempt to go viral (but if you do, send us photos for heaven's sake).

Meanwhile, traffic info service provider INRIX has released a list of the 10 most likely bottlenecks, assuming drivers don't heed these terrible, terrible warnings:

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