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Carmageddon Copters=There Will Be Less This Time

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While a smaller media scrum is expected for this weekend's Carmageddon II, as opposed to Carmageddon I, there will no doubt be TV news whirly-birds circling over the empty 405 and disrupting the Westside's bike rides and garden parties. Thankfully, local media decided to pool their resources for less choppers and less noise, according to LA Observed. "Local TV news directors have made an extraordinary commitment to cut down helicopter hovering and cooperate to get news pictures for their viewers," Rick Terrell, the executive director of the Radio and Television News Association, says. The "pooling" plan allows KABC, KCBS/KCAL, KMEX, KNBC/KVEA, KTLA and KTTV to share footage through the use of one helicopter deployed before the top of the hour when major newscasts are scheduled over the weekend. Hallelujah. [LAO]