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FlyAway Arriving Soon at the Expo Line's La Brea Station

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Oh glorious, money-saving, multi-modal connectivity! Last week, Los Angeles World Airports (the city's proprietary agency that runs operations at LAX) agreed to expand FlyAway service to nine routes by 2015. Today comes news via Streetsblog that LAWA is targeting a route connecting to the La Brea stop on the Exposition Line as the first of the new routes. A LAWA staff report gives the following details about next steps to finalize the deal: "The La Brea Fly Away is expected to be located adjacent to the Metro Expo/La Brea Station in Los Angeles. Negotiations with Metro for use of the La Brea stop are underway. Subject to Board approval, La Brea Fly Away would commence as soon as practical after the commencement of the Agreement." Last week's action also included provisions that would allow the Irvine FlyAway line to continue, despite reports of the route's death at the hands of operator Coach America's bankruptcy.
· Next New FlyAway Route to LAX Will Serve Expo La Brea station [Streetsblog]
· Irvine FlyAway route to LAX renewed for two more years [Daily Breeze]

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