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1920s English Tudor Revival in Silver Lake Asking $729k

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Though its current status is "active," we wouldn't be terribly surprised if this listing has gone "pending" by the time we finish this post. While certainly not without its flaws (horrid carpet, hideous vinyl floors, depressing kitchen appliances and bathroom sink, garish paint), for the most part, they seem fairly easily remedied. More importantly, however (flippers and would-be flippers, please take note), despite the above-mentioned elements, the 1926 home has not been denuded of all character. Located on a 6,925 square foot lot a few blocks northeast of the Rowena Reservoir, it features three bedrooms, one and a half baths, coved ceilings, a step-down living room, wainscoting, built-in storage, vintage tile, a basement, and hillside views. Asking price for the 1,942 square foot residence is $729,000.
· 2980 Waverly Drive [Sotheby's]