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Demo for Wilshire Grand, Sparkle Motion on Hollywood Blvd.

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DOWNTOWN: It looks like the mid-century Wilshire Grand hotel is really starting to come down, with the construction of a giant skyscraper to hopefully follow. A poster on the SkyscraperPageForum snapped this picture of workers (un)hammering away in the Seventh Street lobby. According to the Downtown News, demolition continues throughout the year and work on the 70-story office/hotel tower happens in 2013. [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD: Hollywood Boulevard, as in the street, is getting majorly spiffed up, according to reports from the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council. Though dates are uncertain, the street will be repaved from Vine to La Brea with asphalt that features a glitter or sparkle effect. Apparently, the crusty Hollywood Blvd. of the eighties and nineties had the same motif. [Curbed Inbox]

Wilshire Grand

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