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Rent the Benedict Canyon House Where George Lucas Supposedly Wrote Star Wars

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It is a period of filmmaking civil war. Rebel USC students, striking from a ramshackle house in Benedict Canyon, have won their first victory against the evil New Hollywood. And so on! This Craigslist ad is kind of weird, but it could very well be true: "Long before he became famous, this house was once occupied by George Lucas who wrote the script for Star Wars here. But that was back in 1974 and the house, although habitable, is now very old and needs work." George Lucas: A Biography confirms that Lucas started renting a house on Portola Drive in his second year at USC, in the late sixties ("His father grudgingly paid the $80 a month rent"), and lived there for several years. Even then, the upper floors were reachable only by ladder. The landlord is now looking for someone to help him get the 90 year old place back in order, although the ad notes that it "is functional and fit for human habitation." It adds that it'd be great for "someone with a home business who needs a prestigious address. It is in the zip 90210 area - world famous if you are running an online business." Handy Star Wars-related business owners will pay $2,000 per month.
· $2000 90 Year Old Very Basic 1 Br Old House For Rent (Beverly Hills ) [Craigslist]