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No One is Scared of Carmageddon II and It Will Be Our Downfall

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Oh crap, Carmageddon II this weekend is going to be a nightmare, isn't it? Last year, when Caltrans shut down 10 miles of the 405 Freeway to demolish half of the Mulholland Bridge (part of the freeway widening), warnings were so terrifying that everyone stayed off the streets and we had a lovely weekend-long Carmaheaven. Plus the workers finished up early and the freeway reopened nearly a day early. Remember how great it all was, guys? TOO GREAT. The Daily News reports that the important religious event index is not looking good for the sequel: "Not one of the 200 guests invited to a bar mitzvah at the Skirball Cultural Center on Saturday night has canceled ... That's a far different scenario than last year, when a wedding scheduled at the Skirball for the same weekend as Carmageddon was hastily canceled." The Bel Air Presbyterian Church, which canceled services last year, will hold two services this Carmageddon Sunday (that's the same morning that the triathlon will close Venice Boulevard; plus there're going to be 5Ks in Brentwood and Century City).

On top of that, schools are back in session unlike Carmageddon I, which was held in July--that means double the number of people on the UCLA campus alone. And businesses who were worried about a dead weekend last year saw tons of walk-in traffic (go figure!) and are calling all the staff in for this year's closure. Meanwhile, the construction probably won't finish up early because there's way more work being done this year.

And as if all that wasn't bad enough, you're not even allowed to use Carmageddon II to get internet famous.
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