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Spring Street Gets a Damn Starbucks, Full Grand Park Opening

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HISTORIC CORE: We keep declaring Spring Street gentrification complete and it just keeps getting more gentrified! Now it's getting a damn Starbucks. A tipster reports that the coffee shop is moving in on the groundfloor of the Hayward Hotel at Sixth and Spring. What's next, a doggy yoga place? [Curbed Inbox]

CIVIC CENTER: The Grand Park is nearly complete--its third and final section opens to the public on October 6 with a day of free events. The events will all lead up to a performance by the dance troupe Bandaloop on the side of City Hall: "dancers will change the audience's perspective of gravity and transform views of the city by turning City Hall into a vertical dance floor on its side and showcasing complex, dynamic choreography while suspended from climbing ropes." Once whole park is open, it'll eventually host "a farmers' market, book fairs, art festivals, a poetry workshop, yoga and more." [Curbed Inbox]