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Mel Gibson Finally Sells Malibu Compound For $9 Million

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After two and a half years, Mel Gibson has finally sold off his Malibu compound (known as Lavender Hill Farm because rich people like to give their stuff dumb names). He listed the 3.05-acre property way back in March 2010 for $14.5 million and had it listed most recently at $11.25 million. LHF was "originally built by an award-winnind composer," according to the listing, and includes a six-bedroom main house, pool, spa, tennis court, detached media room, detached gym, a two-story "entertainment pavilion," three guesthouses, orchards, two offices, and all kinds of landscaping. There are also reports of a chapel on the property. According to a 2010 Real Estalker story, Gibson picked up the property in 1993 "for an undisclosed amount of money." He's just sold, according to Redfin, for the highly-specific $9.26125 million.
· 23333 PALM CANYON Ln [Redfin]