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Rent in the VIP Section of Hollywood's Mystical Krotona Colony

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Images via LA Times

On today's Craigslist fishing expedition, we reeled in this posting for an available apartment in Beachwood Canyon's vaguely mysterious, mystical, and Moorish Krotona colony (the theosophist community was set up in the 1910s). Unfortunately, the ad itself is also rather esoteric, supplying only a single, exterior photo and precious little detail about the one-bedroom unit other than that it's "very large" and has a "large patio with its own driveway for parking." Fortunately, it does provide a street address, 6205 Temple Hill Drive, which corresponds to the building that the utopian sect called the Ternary. Designed in 1915 by architect Alfred Heineman to house the colony's VIPs, the Spanish-Moorish style structure features elaborate Batchelder tiles and Egyptian and Islamic details such as keyhole windows and turrets. Now a six-unit apartment complex, the Ternary was the subject of an LA Times feature by R. Daniel Foster in 2011, when a one-bedroom unit was leasing for $1,645 per month. We can only hope the apartment currently up for grabs is a different, significantly larger unit, as its rent is a non-utopian $2,400 per month.
· $2400 / 1br - Hollywood/Beachwood Canyon Large 1 Bed/Bath Apartment [Craigslist]