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Mysterious Holding Pattern For 1960s NoHo Tower Set to Die For Mixed-Use Apartments

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The Commonwealth office tower on Lankershim--designed by architect Gerald Bense and completed in 1961--is booting out its last tenant in December, though the building's plans for demolition remain murky, the North Hollywood Patch reports. Owner Chandler Pratt & Partners intended to empty the building last year, knock it down (it failed to qualify for historic monument status a few years ago), and start work on a five-story mixed-use apartment building. But even after Citibank leaves the Commonwealth in a few months, demolition still won't happen for another year or two. That's kind of strange since Pratt claims financing is all set, the city already approved the project, and the website for the new project says work was to start last year. If the apartments come to fruition, expect 136 units and 14,000 square feet of retail, conveniently close to freeways and the Red and Orange Lines.
· Lankershim Citibank Closing, But Commonwealth Demolition Still Long Off [NoHo Patch]