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Silver Lake is Over! The Space Shuttle Does Multiple Fly-Bys

The best part of watching the Endeavour arrival on TV yesterday: Nichelle Nichols (aka Star Trek's Lt. Uhura) breaking out an impromptu rendition of the Star Trek theme song.

This Week's Top Stories: Curbed put on the sun screen and stayed hydrated for our trip to Joshua Tree to tour Tim Disney's prefab home hidden among the boulders. Reese Witherspoon has everything and we have nothing - now she's ready to part with her gorgeous Ojai estate for $10 million probably so she can buy something else we covet. Maybe she'll buy a nice craftsman, such as Charles and Henry Greene's Halsted House in Pasadena which has just jumped onto the market for $1.499 million. A blast from the past, as the French visit a 1960's Los Angeles in a snappy little video to marvel at our strangeness. The final nail in the un-hipster coffin as Forbes names Silver Lake as America's Best Hipster Neighborhood. See y'all in Highland Park! The space shuttle Endeavour swung around LA (sorry Valley!) in it's final flight and Curbed has the pictures of the shuttle posing next to our landmarks.