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Culver City Rainbow Rises, Ready to Warm Hearts

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Ooh, rainbowiffic! Only a few months late, today saw work begin on the 94-foot tall rainbow art piece on the Sony Studios Lot in Culver City. This morning cranes lifted the welded frame into place. As shown in the pictures, the rainbow structure designed by artist Tony Tasset is covered in white plastic while presumably work will begin soon on attaching the rainbow colored panels. To see what it might look like when completed, please refer back to the renderings we showed last July. From the side streets the rainbow is mostly hidden by buildings and trees on the Sony Lot. The best view is probably from directly under the rainbow or from the Baldwin Hills Overlook. The big unveiling is scheduled for sometime in October.
· Sony Putting Up a 94 Foot Tall Metal Rainbow Over Culver City [Curbed LA]