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Visiting 5 of Park[ing] Day's Temporary Parklets Across LA

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Updated 7:50 pm: Today wasn't just Endeavour Arrival Day, it was also Park[ing] Day, when architects and designers turn parking spaces into parklets. Here now are tours of four five of our city's fine temporary parklets:

SWA Group's "Displaced Forest" at Seventh and Flower Streets Downtown: It includes 20 boxed trees and custom benches made from reclaimed wood. The trees will be relocated to Dominguez Creek in Hawthorne in October.

Jamie B. Myer Architects's Westwood parklet: This is actual four parklets "in dead zones between parking spaces along Westwood Blvd. Every other parking space has an 8'x8' no parking spot, so this installation doesn't even bump any cars out of the way! We've filled them with plants, shade & seating."

AHBE's "Parkside Confessions" in Culver City: AHBE parkletted outside Coolhaus and had everyone write down their deep parky thoughts.

The Rare Studio's park, hosted by design boosters Design East of La Brea, in Silver Lake: From far away, this park is made to look like a construction site, but close up it was full of plants including lemon balm, basic, and organic heirloom wormwood.

USC Urban Planning MA students in University Park: Just some kids having a good old-fashioned time at Hoover and Jefferson.
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