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Park[ing] Day is Tomorrow, Landfill-Topping Park Gets Funded

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LOS ANGELES: Tomorrow is everyone's favorite park-related holiday (deal with it, arbor day): Park[ing] Day! Architects and other crafty peeps will be turning parking spaces into little temporary parks all over town (see a map of locations here). The day is especially exciting this year because LA is starting to get permanent parklets (a set of four--in Downtown, Highland Park, and El Sereno--were approved last month). If you're putting together a park, please do send us some photos and info at [Curbed Inbox]

SUN VALLEY: The landfill-topping Cesar E. Chavez Recreation Complex in Sun Valley has nabbed $1.2 million in Prop K park funds, which will help it finish up its third and final phase--that includes baseball and soccer fields and walking trails. The 41 acre park sits on the former Sheldon-Arleta Landfill, which was closed in 1974. The last phase of work is set break ground in early 2013. [Curbed Inbox]