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Neutra/Hoag Triplex in Beachwood Up For Sale For First Time

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Two great architects, an income property, and a nice location on Gower in Beachwood Canyon? Yeah, this one's a winner. The now-triplex started life as a Spanish two-bedroom; its expansion is one of the first LA works by the great modern architect Richard Neutra. Here's the listing: "Neutra was hired in 1934 by the Rajagopal family renowned educators and architectural socialites, to expand their existing 2BR/1BA Spanish home to accommodate friends and family. Neutra's addition was the upper 1BR/1BA unit which showcases an early example of his distinct style. Later, Paul Hoag was commissioned to build an additional studio apartment on the property." Take Sunset's Rob Kallick, who shares the listing, adds that both buildings have their own garages and private gardens. Asking price for the property, which has never been up for sale before, is $1.2 million.
· Neutra Triplex [Official Site]