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Forbes Names Silver Lake America's Best Hipster Neighborhood

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Bless Forbes, for being whorey enough to take "a quantitative approach to determining the 20 places in which hipsterdom is most likely to flourish." Yes, they've compiled a list of America's Best Hipster Neighborhoods and in your face, Williamsburg, Silver Lake is number one. Ironic whoo! Forbes based the rankings on walkability, coffee shops, food trucks, farmers' markets, "the selection of locally owned bars and restaurants," and the percentage of residents who have "artistic occupations." They also worked in's "Neighborhood 'Hipness' Index, which is based on how often words associated with hipness (for example art, gallery, designer, musician) appeared on each Nextdoor neighborhood's site pages, and Nextdoor conducted a survey in which members sounded off on their communities." Bless, for creating a Neighborhood "Hipness" Index that could never possibly be used for anything but good.

And here's Forbes's take on Silver Lake: "Nestled between Echo Park and Los Feliz, the trendy community boasts some of the nation's most lauded food trucks and farmers markets, a multicultural blend of residents with eclectic professions, and a booming arts scene. Even the buildings exude an avant garde aesthetic a hipster could love: Silver Lake is home to some of the most celebrated modernist architecture in the country, including Richard Neutra's VDL Research House and John Lautner's Silvertop."

San Francisco's Mission District came in second; Brooklyn's Williamsburg came in third--Forbes says it's gotten too successful for its own hipness and rents just keep shooting up.
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