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Here's LA's Hottest Broker Working It in Her Under-Construction Better Shelter Listing

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

This started as a joke, of course. Every August we hold our Hottest Brokers competition to find the hottest, sexiest, good lookingest broker in Los Angeles (for the year, anyway). Early in the process this year, one of our contestants asked whether he might get a sash to wear around town if he won. We thought that was such a ridiculous idea that we ran it by our finalists (and threw in a photo shoot to sweeten the deal), who gave their sign off. After a grueling competition, Courtney Poulos of ACME Real Estate was named LA's Hottest Broker--she exclusively reps hipster flipping pioneers Better Shelter, so we had her do her posing at an under-construction flip they're working on at De Longpre and Curson in Hollywood (the sash is homemade, the trophy was a token from BS's Steve Jones and no doubt has shown up in a staged BS house or two). Enjoy!
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