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Here's Video of Space Shuttle Endeavour Taking Off For LA

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Whee, it's space time! The decommissioned space shuttle Endeavour is now on its way to LAX, having taken off on the back of a modified 747 from Kennedy Space Center early this morning. Having traveled 123 million miles already, what's a few thousand more, but Endeavour is already on its first breather--it stopped in Houston at 8:40 am PDT, reports the City News Service. It'll take off again tomorrow morning, refuel in El Paso, do flyovers in New Mexico and at Edwards Air Force Base, then land near there (at the intersection of Kern, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties) around noon. For its final leg, it'll take off on Friday morning and "make low-level flyovers of San Francisco and Sacramento before circling back south toward Los Angeles International Airport." It's expected to be as low as 1,500 feet over LA and then land at LAX around 11 am (we'll be liveblogging the landing from the airport, tune in). On October 12, Endeavour will make its last-last trip from LAX to the California Science Center on the roads, for which several hundred trees will have to be cut down.
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California Science Center

700 Exposition Park Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90037