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LA Taxi Fares Are the Third Most Expensive in the World

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Every Angeleno knows this deep in their late-night-drinking souls, but here are the hard numbers to back it up: Los Angeles cab fares are the third most expensive in the world. The Atlantic Cities reports on a new report from the Swiss bank UBS which lists cab fares (for three mile rides taken during the day) in 72 cities around the world. The highest fares in the world are in Zurich ($28.93), then Geneva ($27.78), and then Los Angeles, where the price for a three mile trip within city limits is $25.06. The global average is about $10. The price in New York is $8.50; in Chicago it's $12.50; in Miami it's $15.32. Our transit system is better than people think (and now running until last call), but it's not so good that most people (especially tourists and drinkers) can get by without throwing in a taxi somewhere. So this is a real insult to injury situation, these cab fares. Also you have to call them! They're not just driving around like in a normal city.
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