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Big Backyard Pirate Ship in Westlake, Olympic Pool For East LA

WESTLAKE VILLAGE: It's Talk Like a Pirate Day, when everyone says "arrr" a lot and tries not to think about how actual pirates are terrifying and murderous. In honor of the day, we're sharing this listing for a five-bedroom house in Westlake Village that comes with its own teak backyard pirate ship. Asking price (including the house) is $2.2995 million. [Estately]

EAST LA: The Belvedere Park Pool renovation project in East LA has nabbed a little extra money, bringing its total to about $14 million--the plans include the first official Olympic-sized pool in unincorporated ELA, plus a shallower pool, a splash pad, a new restroom and office building, landscaping, new walkways, and a lot more upgrades. Work is scheduled to start next spring and finish up by summer 2014. [Curbed Inbox]