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Rihanna's Leaky Bev Crest House Flipped For Twice the Price

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This listing for a familiar house in Beverly Crest walks an interesting line--"This gated & secluded estate has been tailor-made for an A-List celebrity," it says. And it's more or less true! Rihanna bought the house in 2009 from developers who had just carried out a very thorough remodel (the house was originally built in 1966). But then, last year, she sued those developers, plus the inspection firm, the engineer, her buyer's agent, and several other related parties, over what she said were design flaws that led to extreme waterlogging (problems included a balcony that was higher than the adjacent interior floor). Rihanna quickly offloaded the house, selling at a loss in December for $5.03 million. Now here it is again, with its seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, home theater, pool and spa. It's unclear what kind of work has been put in (it looks pretty much the same in the photos), but either way it's asking nearly double what Rihanna sold for: $9.95 million.
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