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Neutra's Self-Designed Silver Lake Offices Are Up For Rent

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Ya know, we gotta hand it to ol' Dion Neutra--at 85 years old, the son/partner of the great Richard Neutra has got more hustle than Kobe Bryant, as evidenced by his new Craigslist post "seeking a Steward for [a] Trophy Space," namely the Neutra offices on Glendale Boulevard in Silver Lake. The rest of the ad doesn't disappoint in terms of bringing the grandiosity, describing the offices variously as "a pristine example of the commercial work of a seminal architect of the Modernist movement," "the only surviving uncompromised example of Neutra commercial design," the "creative epicenter for the 86-year Neutra architectural practice," and as having "incomparable value." Built by Richard Neutra in 1950, the Nationally Registered building--previously listed for sale with an asking price of $3.5 million--features original built-ins and interior detailing such as custom strip lighting, acoustic tiles, exposed ducts, operable louvers, and blue Aklo glass. Monthly rent for the 2,400 square foot space is $7,300.
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