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Coastal Cleanup Nets Headless Chicken, Tattered Headshot

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Heal the Bay held its (twenty-third!) annual Coastal Cleanup Day this past weekend and came across some totally weird shit as usual. More than 9,000 people scoured 58 LA County sites (including "local beaches, inland waterways, regional parks and urban neighborhoods," according to a press release) for about 20 tons of debris. The cleaners (who include SCUBA divers, kayakers, and mountain bikers) usually find "cigarette butts, plastic bottles and caps, snack-food packaging, plastic bags and Styrofoam fragments," but this year they also turned up:

a dead rooster with its head cut off, likely a remnant of a voodoo or Santeria ritual (Santa Monica Beach); a dead cat found in a bag (Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park); a rifle barrel, later confiscated by police (found by divers in the water off Redondo Beach Pier); and a 25-gallon container filled with oil sludge, dumped near a creek (Agoura Hills). And in the "Only in L.A." file: a tattered headshot of an aspiring actor found by divers on the sea bottom near the Santa Monica Pier. This year's haul brings the total amount of Coastal Cleanup Day trash to 1.6 million pounds. Thanks, guys.
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