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SaMo Gets Tree Donation, Dispensary Ban Qualifies for Ballot

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SANTA MONICA: A little feelgood news to end your day: Alliance Residential Company, the developer behind an under-construction mixed-user at Sixth and Broadway called 525 Broadway, is donating seven trees to SaMo that had to be removed during the building of their project. The trees represent a $50,000 donation. Walt Warriner, Santa Monica's Community Forester, says the trees will be used in one of the city's new parks or as a replacement for older trees that need to be put down. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: Speaking of trees, the City Clerk confirmed today that enough signatures were verified to qualify LA's controversial ban on pot dispensaries for the ballot (dispensary advocates needed more than 27,000 signatures and got nearly double that). So now the City Council could repeal their ordinance banning the medical marijuana stores, call a special election, or just have the public vote on the issue during the mayoral election in March--the LA Times says the latter seems like the most likely option. [Curbed Inbox]