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Manhattan Doesn't Want Rich Malibuites Harvesting Its Sand

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There is a rich people sand smackdown going on and it is delightful! The superwealthy homeowners on Malibu's erosion-prone Broad Beach have a $20 million plan to replenish their shrinking beach by importing sand--they've been looking for a sediment match off the coast of Manhattan Beach. And in fact "Overall, we found good quality sand ? The chemistry is good. It's clean," according to a lawyer for the homeowners, as quoted in the Daily Breeze. But Manhattan is having none of it. The city council has voted to oppose the project and the city has written a letter to the State Lands Commission (which would need to sign off) asking them to deny the plan. MB's mayor tells the paper that he's taking the word of "a retired aerospace consultant and city resident who has done significant research on the area's changing beach width over the past century," and who "said he believes the city's beach may some day need its own replenishment due to changes in the way sediment is distributed onshore, and because of the potential effects of sea level rise." Manhattan also won't get any royalties for this particular sand, since the state happened to reserve mineral rights in the area. Both the SLC and the California Coastal Commission are reviewing the plan.
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