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Vodka Getting Walk of Fame Star For Helping Fund Restoration

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Thirteen busted stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame near Highland and the Red Line station are getting repaired up as part of a three-phase project, the Hollywood Patch reports. The stars were in bad shape for a long time and quick-fix solutions never stuck, likely because the area has nearly as many pedestrians as Times Square. Currently, the stars in front of the the Gap and the subway are fenced off, and bus stops are being moved while work commences on the first two phases--it should finish by the end of the year. The last phase will start in March, after the Oscars. "Work includes the removal and replacement of terrazo panels and damaged stars," the Patch reports. "Crews have set aside historic elements of the star panels, which will be reused." Soil below the sidewalk will also be replaced, as will broken curbs. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce very deftly nabbed corporate sponsors to help pay for the project by offering companies like Absolut and L'Oreal their own stars on the honorary Walk of Fame--that especially helped after the Community Redevelopment Agency's contribution to the approximately $4 million project was yanked when the state dissolved such agencies.
· What's Happening to the Stars on the Walk of Fame? [Hollywood Patch]