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Redone El Monte Bus Station Opens October 14

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Metro is wrapping up a big construction project familiar to anyone who commutes on Metrolink or on the 10 east of DTLA--the $60 million rebuilding of the El Monte bus station, which Metro says is the "busiest bus station west of Chicago." The project will have a ribbon cutting on Friday, October 12 and will open to the public on the following Sunday. It was getting tough for the old demolished bus station to handle its daily load of 22,000 passengers and 1,200 bus trips; the new station doubles its size, increasing passenger capacity by 82 percent (from 22,000 to 40,000), increasing the number of bus bays from 16 to 30, making the station two floors, and allowing the facility to handle modern, articulated buses (the stretchy kind), plus adding retail, bike lockers, and art. The pricetag was initially $45 million, but unexpected debris encountered during construction, including an ancient car, upped it another $15 mil; it also delayed the opening by months.
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El Monte Station

3501 Santa Anita Ave., El Monte, CA