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Triathlon to Shut Down Venice Blvd. on Carmageddon Weekend

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We know this is supposed to be the positive, no-big-deal Carmageddon coming up at the end of the month, but there's an X factor that hasn't really been addressed here (a helpful tipster pointed it out to us)--on Sunday, September 30, the same day Caltrans will shut down 10 miles of the 405 in both directions (part of the freeway widening project), the Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles will also be shutting down parts of Venice, Fairfax, and Olympic (to Staples Center) for the bike portion of its event. According to the Triathlon website, the streets will close starting at 7:15 am and "there will be NO CROSSING POINTS on this year's course." The course will roll open as bikers finish up and the streets are supposed to reopen by noon. So north-south movement will be just completely shitshowy on the westside for a short while that morning (good luck getting in or out of Culver City, Westwood!). But on the positive, no-big-deal, commercial opportunism front, tons of businesses are offering discounts that weekend; meanwhile, officials are encouraging everyone to hang in their neighborhoods and use public transit.
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